Sunday inspiration: Polymer Clay Art

Hi everyone!

Since I didn't have the time to create a cute DIY, I thought it would be fun sharing polymer clay ideas. :) I love working with polymer clay- it was my first "craft adventure", 1.5 years ago. And I realized how great polymer clay is!!!! Just see what you can build with polymer clay:

I am especially impressed by miniature food:

(all pictures taken from "PetitPlat by sk_" 's photostream.)

Don't be too disappointed about the missing DIY! There will be a fabulous one next Sunday! :)

Love yous,


PS: In the meantime - I have a DIY on my blog about polymer clay cupcakes!


marci said...

These are adorable! I have never used polymer clay. I may have to add this to my list of things to learn! The list is getting very long. ;)

helena said...

I am in awe of polymer clay artistis - I understand the theory of how to create these things but have never got close when I try it