Granny Squares!

Want to add some color to your home? Try granny squares!!
Ideas for use around your home:
Add some colorful coasters
Cover an old chair!

Make a throw blanket

A basket for anything :)

A rug to brighten up the floor

Throw pillows or chair cushions


Or how about a necklace?
 (click on the images for sources)

So many fun ways to use them!! Amazing, no? Choose your favorite colors and get started :) Maybe white and an accent color for your home, maybe neutrals, maybe rainbows! What would you prefer? Show us in our Flickr group!

It's my goal to learn to make granny squares sometime during the summer. I'm still crazy busy, but I'll fit it in somewhere! :) Wanna learn with me? Check out these awesome tutorials on how to make them:
Katja's tutorial
How-to, even if you've never knit before! on Meet Me at Mikes
The Purl Bee's awesome granny square tutorial
HEXAGON granny squares from Attic24


Velma said...

I am enjoying my first granny square blanket. I have plans for others! Thanks for these awesome inspirations!

Lindsay C said...

These are such good ideas !!

helena said...

love the chair - thanks for the inspiration - off to find my crochet hook

Vera said...

i'm practicing my butt off ha ha xD
great post! XO.