Kaleidoscope of Colors

I love kaleidoscopes, don't you? No matter what jumble of parts is inside, it always looks beautiful because of the symmetry! So many bright colors :)
I recently came across an awesome site called Kaleidosketch. You must try it out! Here are a couple pieces I made just for fun:
There are some really pretty ones in the gallery of the site too:
You can change the central point by pressing CTRL and clicking. Leave a link to share what you make, or add images to our Flickr group! And here are a few pretty kaleidoscope images, courtesy of weheartit:
This last one is a structure by German designer Marco Hemmerling in Cologne, Germany. The reflected images constantly change as you move around it. And it's always colorful. Neat! Well, happy Saturday, and enjoy the colors of your day!


Vera said...

i just love love kaleidoscopes :D
i'm gonna try out that website! <3

mnB said...

oh man kaleidoscopes are the best!!!
I can't wait to chk out the site! I bet my grls will dig it too!

Velma said...

that website is soo cute!!! I've had a little too much fun with it today!