DIY Sunday - Embroidery Hoop Wallart

Hi there!
I know, I am a little bit late buuuut I've had an amazing day and I hope, you can accept this excuse!
No more waiting for you - here's my new DIY project:

For this cute way to display your pictures, you will need:

An embroidery hoop (I prefer the wooden ones!), fabric, white felt, scissors.

First, add the fabric to the hoop.

Then, take a sheet of white felt and cut it like a polaroid.

It's pretty simple. :)

Now, take the sewing machine and sew the polaroid pocket to the fabric. Leave the top side open.

Add it to the hoop.

Cut off the leftover at the back of the hoop.

And all you have to do now, is to add a pretty picture!

And tadaaaaaa: DONE!

Find a nice place to show everyone who comes to visit, you have a unique friend or soulmate worth showing...!

Have fun being creative!



Kim-Anh Nguyen said...

really creativ
like it very much!

Nellie Mae said...

Such a cute idea!! You rock!

Vera said...

cute :D <3

Kamika said...

eeeek! What a cute idea! So going to try this with a picture of me and my hubby! Sooooo glad I found this blog! You gals are awesome!!!

Happy Kathy said...

Looooove it!!!!!!