Friday Recipe for the Weekend

Chicken's breasts (with skin)
6 Shallots (in cubes)
Season (Paprika, Ginger powder, salt, black pepper, chilli sauce, chilli powder - or anything that you prefer)
Oil or Olive Oil
How to Prepare:
Just season the chicken at your taste and add the olive oil and the shallots and take to the medium oven for about 2 hours or until you see that the chicken is nicely cooked. You can add some chicken stock dissolved in hot water for quickly cooking process. Serve when done.
Mash Potatoes
1 tea spoon of butter
3 tbs of grated cheese (any type)
2 tbs of mayonnaise
How to Prepare:
Peel the potatoes and leave it to cook until they are very smooth. Drain the water and start the mashing process (I normally use a fork - because I like to feel some potatoes parts), add the butter, the cheese and the mayo and mix all together very well. Keep it warm to serve.
White Rice
1 small onion finally chopped
2 tbs of oil
1 tea spoon of salt
2 garlics finally chopped
1 mug of white rice
2 mugs of boiled water
How to Prepare:
Put the onion, garlic, oil and salt into a pan (small one) and let them gold - be careful to not let it burn! Add the rice, mix and than add the water. Mix once again and leave it until the water dry out. I normally leave about 10 minutes inside the oven (don't turn it on!) just to dry a little bit more for itself. Serve.
Vinaigrette's Sauce
Olive oil
1/2 tea spoon of salt
vinegar (until half way of all contents)
1/2 mug of cold water
How to Prepare:
Finally choppy all the ingredients and mix all together. Be careful with the vinegar as you could do a stronger or not that stronger flavour. The water is just to manage the strong flavour of the vinegar. Leave at the fridge and serve cold. This type of sauce is a good combination with BBQ and there's a lot of ways to do it so... Search for more around the Internet!

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