DIY Sunday: Flower Brooch

Hey everyone! :)
I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. I am having a fabulous one with lots of sleep and some creative fun. One of them was this cute little project I want to share with you:

It's a cute little flower brooch! YAY :D Perfect for warm spring days.
You will need:
fabrics in different colours and patterns
green felt
sewing machine / sewing needle & thread

First, cut 3 x 2 circles from the fabrics you want to use.

Facing each other, sew 2 circles together. (repeat for all circles...) Leave a bit open to turn the circle inside out.
Like this!

See? :)

Once you have finished your three circles,

turn each one inside-out.

Three cute circles :D

Now, take one circle and fold to half.

Take another one and wrap around the first.

Then, wrap the third one around the other two.

Sew them together on the bottom of the flower.
Don't cut off the thread!

Now, cut a strap from green felt.

Sew it to the flower and start wrapping the felt around the bottom of it.

Use some loose stitches to keep the felt close to the flower ;)

Now, take a pin and sew it to the flower.

I'd suggest you better sew it to the top of the flower and not to the bottom like I did. Believe me, it will work better!

Now, your flower brooch is done!!!! YAY! :D

Hope you are enjoying our cute blog project! It's always so much fun reading the other girls' posts and feeling inspired everyday!

We love you.



Suburban Sweetheart said...


...wish I had a sewing machine. :(

Nellie Mae said...

You are fully of so many great ideas!

♥ Jantina van Veelen ♥ said...

Really sweet!