Gaelle Boissonard

Well hello xD For today i have a post for you with art from Gaelle Boissonnard. Who? I didn't know this artist before either. Last saturday we were at a bookstore and there i saw these cards of her. I had a hard time picking two out, since i've wanted to take them all lol I surched google for some cute images and also found the website from Gaelle Boissonard. The website is in French, but even if you don't understand it you will feel inspired by watching more images :)

I just love the use of color of this French artist.
Just looking at these images makes me wanne
get my paint and brushes!! If i do make something
that's inspired by this i will show you :)

someone felt inspired and got to work look here

Have a great day & see ya next week :D
XO. Vera


helena said...

they are fabulous, thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

very pretty! i feel inspired already ;)