yarn bombing nature

We have had some wonderfull, sunny days here. I spend most of the time in the garden, working, taking pictures, knitting, crocheting and just sitting in the shade enjoying the weather.
I find the combination of yarn and nature really inspiring (even if it's just the garden). I always need a long, long time before I finally decide what to do with a freshly bought or recycled ball of yarn. But somehow, when I sit outside with the yarn and a crocheting needle, inspiration comes to me. The result is not always as pretty and cute as I imagined, but that's another story.
Maybe the best combination of nature and yarn is yarn bombing nature! Here are some pictures of yarn bombing projects from around the world to inspire you.

I am in love! I want a pond filled with these cute ducklings.

What a great and subtle way to yarn bomb.


marci said...

Pretty! I love this idea so much. I have been taking pictures of the knit graffiti in Austin this past week. So wonderful!! My favorite of these pictures is the second to last picture. So lovely! Thanks for sharing! :)

Nellie Mae said...

Love this post!! I want to do this so bad!!