DIY -Pimp your little suitcase-

Hi :) I hope you are still enjoying our creative blog. For today i have a DIY project for you! I have a few little suitcases in differents sizes at home & i wanted to use one for all my (handmade) buttons. I thought it would be cute to draw on the suitcase, so that you can see what's hidden there ;) I'm always sort of scared to start drawing on something. What if i make a mistake, is it pretty enough etc Lately i feel more confident to just do it and i did it again today, yay!

You will need:
-a little suitcase (make sure the underlay isn't to smooth, or else you will wipe out the drawing)
-a (small) waterproof marker

If you don't feel confident drawing on the suitcase, you can also add shiny (sticky) stones with flowers, butterflies, stars etc. Kids would love to make such a pretty magical box, where they can put there secrets in xD More ideas: use colored tape, put a picture on top, use felt etc. I like to see what you come up with! Show us in the flickr group here

ta da!!

Happy crafting!


Nellie Mae said...

Cute, cute!!

Emily Mae said...

Aww, the button one is so cute! :D