And the color is.... ORANGE :)

Hello sweet blogreaders :) Tomorrow we're celebrating Queensday in the Netherlands and that means a lot of orange (and off course blue, red and white). Everyone is celebrating and people don't have to go to work. There are jumble sales everywhere accross the country. You can buy all sorts of things & also eat lots and drink a beer if you like ;) Wanne know more about the history? Look here. I will make another post tomorrow about this happy celebration, over at my own blog. If you like check it out here.

On Queensday i always eat an tompouce. That's a typical Dutch thingie look here, there's even an explanation about it on wikipedia :) Normally the top of this delight is pink, but especially for Queensday it's orange :)

i found one peek of me helping a friend (and selling my own paintings)to collect money on Queensday for a good cause. Ehhh yes that's me completely in orange ha ha

For today some ORANGE inspiration :)

images were all found at

I hope you liked reading about this big event
that happens every year at 30 april!!
I'm off looking for some orange things
to wear tomorrow ha ha :D



LĂșthien said...

How cool is that! Where did you got to :)?

Vera said...

Hi :) Cool right xD i stayed close to home this time :)
I've placed a few photos on my own blog at XO.

LĂșthien said...

Cool :-) I didn't know you were Dutch!

An also Dutch-girl

Vera said...

hi Luthien! Nice to 'meet' another Dutch girlie :D XO.