DIY -flowers part 3-

Well hello, we meet again :)
Today we're gonna make some flowers, ready?!

I've used: plain chipboard, felt, plastic, paper, woodgrain (adhesive foil),
acrylic paint, a paint brush, buttons, hotglue gun, and embroidery thread.

don't you just like a plate of those :)

These are all the flowers that i made!

1. your own flower paper, that you can use for scrapbooking!
I used a white printing paper and painted flowers and dots with acrylic paint on it. I find it easier to paint a bigger paper at once than a few little ones. Once you're done just fold your paper and cut it in as many pieces as you want! I made a very easy background this time, but you can make it with bigger dots, hearts etc.... have fun :)

2. a plastic flower with button
Find some firm plastic, draw a flower, cut it out and paint the edges with acrylic. If you like you can sew or glue a button in the middle.

3. a flower from felt with button
Choose a color of felt that you would like to use, draw a flower, cut it out and sew a pretty button in the middle.

4. a woodgrain flower with button
I've used one white printing paper and some self adhesive woodgrain foil. The woodgrain foil is sticky, so it's easy to paste it on the white paper. Then i drawed flowers on the woodgrain, cut them out of the paper and added buttons in the middle with my hotglue gun.

5. a chipboard painted flower with button
Find some chipboard (you can even use a empty rice box if you like) and draw a flower on it & cut it out. I've used a lighter purple for the flower and also a darker one for the edges ;) Add a button and you're ready.

You can make a cute scrapbookpage with
your handmade flowers :)

These are my woodgrain flowers :)
I used several to make a cute little photoframe and
i also used one as a hairdecoration!

I hope you have enjoyed this post :)
If you have any questions just leave a comment!
Wishing you a lovely day :)


Elizabeth Sanchez said...

i always make my own flowers... i dunno i guess i like the look of them... sometimes i splurge on some primas... but rarely

Anonymous said...

what a great idea!!! loved it! I will try make some this weekend for sure ;)

Emily Mae said...

Aww, those are so cute! :D