Let's Colour Project

I came across this amazing project, and knew I had to share. The Let's Colour Project is transforming grey areas all over the world with colorful paint. They collaborate with the community, and find inspiration in local places. It is truly amazing to see what they have done with drab, crowded streets - all with just a coat of paint! This is a great example of how color can truly change lives.
Above image from the article over on Cool Hunting about the project.

Just a little color can completely revamp a community. Find more photos on their Flickr page and don't forget to check out their blog for lots of cool color postings! And of course their homepage if you'd like to volunteer :) Maybe the project is coming to a city near you?

Extra: Check out this awesome color-changing umbrella!


marci said...

This is amazing!! Such a great idea! It reminds me of a video I posted on my blog about color where these little colorful creatures paint a black and white city with color.

Here's the post:

Here's the video link:


Vera said...

i just love more color in the world... that also makes rainy days colorful :D pretty peeks :D XO.

Nellie Mae said...

So beautiful, I didn't even know anything like this existed! Great post!!