Spring Time! - Carrot Cake

Question of the week:
What's your favorite thing about Spring?
A: How the whole World seams to be more colourful than normal!

Here in UK it is so amazing - I think all Europe - we can see every season turning beautifuly from one to another, totally differnt from Brazil. Brazil is a tropical country so we have lot of thunder tropical showers, weird summers and winters. Did you know that we can go to the beaches on winter time in Brazil? Yes, because the coolest temperature on winter is around 18C degrees minimum! :)

Here in England we have marvellous tullips and spring flowers - that really make the landscape a gorgeous view. Even though I'm not a 'flower person' I can enjoy plant some and watch them growing.

This week I will teach you all a very easy recipe that always remind me about Spring time.
(I know that this picture is still about Easter but as I made the Carrot Cake...lol)

Carrot's Cake 
Ingredients for the Cake:
1/2 cup (tea) of oil
3 middle grated carrots
4 eggs
2 cups (tea) of sugar
2 1/2 cups (tea) of plain flour
1 spoon (soup) of baking powder
Ingredients for the Covering:
1 spoon (soup) of butter
3 spoons (soup) of pownder chocolate
1 cup (tea) of sugar
(if you want a covering more liquid just put 5 spoons of milk)
How to Prepare:
Put the carrot into the blender with the eggs and the oil, add the sugar and leave it for approximately 5 minutes.
In a bowl or in the beater, put the remainder of the ingredients mixing everything - less the yeast! That one is mixed slowly with a spoon.
Roast in oven heated (l80ºC) for 40 minutes.
Preparing the Covering:
Mix all the ingredients and cook - doing a kind of syrup. Put over the cake.

It's done!
(Me, hubby and some friends: Mirko - Italian - and Sophia - Mirko's daughter, who is half Italian/ Brazilian)
(Sophia with her chocolate eggs and my Carrot Cake!)



Vera said...

it looks yummie :D

maedchenmitherz said...

ha, i just wanted to say "looks yummy", too xD

so.... let's say: I'M SURE it is very delicious <3

Anonymous said...

:) tks girlz

Nellie Mae said...

Such a great post!! You are awesome!