Fresh Lime

Favorite color & flowers: Purple, of course! My taste in flowers changes all the time, but I LOVE white, purple, and yellow flowers. Calla lilies are one of my favs, but right now I'm crushing on bluebonnets!
This week I want to talk about BRIGHT colors. It's springtime, and bright is IN. Lime green was a color I always...avoided. I look terrible in it, and I'm more a true green fan. Maybe I was scared the 80s would come back if I used neon colors. Who knows. At any rate, I have decided to EMBRACE LIME GREEN! It's about time. Lime green can be a great base color if you embrace it! It's also a beautiful accent color to almost anything. And you know lemon and lime will always stick together. Here's some lime eye candy for you!
(all images from weheartit)
Challenge: Use a bright color you normally avoid! Use it upfront, or as an accent, wear it, doodle it...It doesn't matter. But try it out! Show us what you've got in our Flickr group!

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Nellie Mae said...

Pretty, I love this color!!