i heart you moustache

Welcome again :) My flower DIY's are done, so i had to come up with a new idea for my topic :) It's always fun to think about different themes and make a cute post about it! For today it's al about moustaches :) I first saw the moustaches on Elsie's blog and at the Red Velvet Art online shop. I'll have to admit that in the beginnin' it wasn't really my thing.... but i'm beginnin' to love them more and more :)

paint a cute moustache on your moleskine

felt moustaches on a rubber

printable moustaches from Elsie, look here!

I've found a lot of cute pictures on weheartit. If you look closer it's also possible to make it yourself ;) Just make it in your own style and paint them on your own books, canvas, mugs, tshirt, underwear etc.

paint your coffeecups

a cute embroidery moustache

I hope that you feel inspired by it :) If you have made a cute moustache, inspire others by sharing this on our flickr group :D I'm off to make some moustaches ha ha :D XOXO.


AJ said...

Very cute :)

kate @ undeniable style said...

I've had a hard time warming up to this trend too! But sometimes it's done in such a super cute way. Love the mugs!

the girl next dior said...

I felt the same way about the mustaches tooo! I still haven't completely warmed up to it, but I do like it more than I originally did :D