Las Vegas Memory Album

Hello!! I am so excited to show you the first few pages of my Las Vegas  Trip Memory Album. You can read about my preliminary work, getting the pictures ready, here and here.

For this album, I decided not to use the 12X12 album and opted instead for a very versatile 8 1/2 X 11 three-ring notebook. I picked up a couple of pretty ones at Target recently and I knew that I had to use one for this book. When selecting an album, choose something you really like!

The smaller format allows me a fair amount of flexibility and I love being able to move the pages around easily using clear photo-safe page protectors. Normally, when I go on a long trip, I try to keep a travel journal so that I can jot down my thoughts and ideas while I am actually in the moment. Since I was sick right up until the day of the trip, a travel journal was at the bottom of my list of priorities. I am still able to recall quite a bit just by looking through the pictures.
On this page, I used a clear screenprinted page from Hambly. Since I wanted to use both sides, I just used two collages of the same size and put my titles in the same place on each side....This also covers any adhesive that might have otherwise shown through.

It is hard to photograph those clear pages without a glare! I absolutely love Hambly papers!!

I have a ton of trip ephemera and I wanted to keep this page from a magazine. I have always loved using things that are already printed, so I simply covered the original magazine image with a picture of me! Haha!!

This was a fun page to make it was so simple. Just some handwritten journaling, thickers lettters, and a pre-made photo collage. Oh, and I used up some stickers that I have been holding on to for ages!

I decided to create pages on the back of each page....her is what is on the back of the page above.
I had a mishmash of iphone photos from the plane ride...they aren't that great in quality, but paired up with the journaling, they tell a great story about flying, for me.

We ate a lot on our trip so I wanted to dedicate a page to our food experiences. I could have written a whole lot more about each experience (I probably will write more later) but this is a general page dedicated to the food. I used a receipt and snipits from a magazine about the various restaurants.

Okay, this is probably my favorite page of all! I knew I was going to make this page the second they slid my headbands down into the paper bag. I almost said, 'No thanks, I don't need a bag,' but then I saw how cool it was! I trimmed it down to 8 1/2 X 11 and rounded the corners. A photo from my shopping experience is paired with some magazine clippings and a scrap from the Urban Outfitters catalog. I also did some real stitching on this page with my sewing machine!


marci said...

Wow! These look great! I have never been a scrapbooker but the way you do it is awesome!! Now I want to take a bunch of pictures to start a scrapbook. :)

Thanks for the amazing post!

kate @ undeniable style said...

you're so talented! love your pages :) almost enough to get me back into scrapbooking!!