DIY - flowers part 2-

Hi :) I hope you're enjoying our creative blog! Last week i showed you how to 'pimp' your t-shirt with a flower ribbon. Today is part 2 of my little DIY serie about flowers. The coming weeks i will keep on showing you how to make (simple) flowers with different materials. This week i used crepe paper, but you can also use normal paper or blotting-paper or make a combination with them. I also made a paper giftbag. Cute to use as a pretty- little-garden-spring gift with bulbs inside ;)

DIY -flowers part 2-
Make your own crepe paper flower
& papergiftbag

Supplies for the flower
-crepe paper
- brads
- marker/pencil

Supplies for the paper bag
- paper/ wrappingpaper (not to thin)
-some ribbon

Just draw as many flowers as you like on the crepe-paper and cut them out. Then use two or three of them and secure them with a (cute) brad in the middle. I added my flower on the little paper giftbag that i made. There are a lot of different ways to make your own paper bag. If you do like to make one yourself i've found a few internet sites! You can look here , here or here.

I made holes on top of my bag with the crop-a-dile and used eyelets to make it pretty. A little cute ribbon to finish your bag & add a giftcard if you like.

I also found this site, it's just perfect if you don't know how to make your own! Click on the bag you want, just print the one you like and glue the prints together.

You can make as many flowers as you like and use them in your scrapbookalbum, on a gift, add them to a giftbag etc. If you made a prettty little giftbag or flowers, feel free to post them on our flickr site, here's the link :)

ta da, your giftbag is ready madame!

one of the printable bags, look here

i also found these pretties on Etsy

The last two peeks i found on weheartit, just a little more paper flower inspiration :) Anyone interested in a origami flower post?? Just let me know :) I hope you have enjoyed this post & see ya next week!

XO. Vera


maedchenmitherz said...

<3 i love this cute idea, vera <3

Nellie Mae said...

Vera, this is a great post!! You rock!