DIY Sunday: polaroid holder

Happy Sunday everyone and welcome back to a new DIY with me!
Oh, but first: My favorite way to dress for spring?

Well, I love wearing dresses and even though I dont dress up too often, it's my favorite thing for spring! The dress above is my new favorite dress, by the way! Soooo cute! :D

But let's move on to todays' DIY!
I made a tutorial on how to sew this pretty polaroid holder:

I used fuji instax mini polaroids, but if you have a regular polaroid camera, it will work too!

So first, you will need some pretty polaroids you want to store.

Then, grab some felt, fabric leftover and a pair of scissors. You could use a sewing machine but you could also handstitch the case. :)

I used a disappearing pen to mark the measurements of the polaroids. I also added 0,5 cm to each side of the polaroid (for sewing). Cut two equal pieces!

I also wanted to sew a tiny heart to the case, so I took some leftover fabric and my disappearing pen and drew a heart on it and then I cut it out. Of course! :)

Next, I sew the heart to the felt.

Done! :) The next step is the final one - you see it's another very quick DIY!

Lay the two pieces of felt onto each other and sew around them. Make sure you leave the top open! :)

Now, simply put the polaroids in the holder and feel free to carry it around with you wherever you may go!

Hope you liked this DIY and if you do.... let me know!



Vera said...

just love it!! i was all into the polaroids yesterday and today :D gonna make one yay :D <3

the girl next dior said...

so cute, i wish I had some Polaroids so I could actually make one of these :(

Velma said...

very cute! Is it hard to sew curves on a sewing machine? I've just done straight lines!!

Nellie Mae said...

Eee! I love this!! Great tutorial!