Picnic - Tuna Cream

Hello Everyone!

Last weekend my friends and I went to Victoria Park (Leicester - UK) and enjoyed the lovely weather (19C degrees!) doing a picnic. Loads of fun, food, drinks and chatting... :)

My main recipe for picnic is a simple Tuna Cream - that you can use on bread, toast, biscuits,... Even for a good green salad!
Tuna Cream
2 cans of tuna chunks (without the oil)
3 tb spoon of mayonnaise 
1/2 white onion
1 can of corn (without the water)
How to Prepare:
Mix all together! :)

It's done!
I know, I know... very easy but some people always forget that the easiest things in life are the best (most of the times!)...

Enjoy... and don't forget about the CHALLENGE!


HERS said...

Yay, a UK girl. Normally all these lovely blogs are written by Canadians and Americans. I hope you had a lovely day in the park!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! yep, we had an amazing time, although this weekend the weather was so miserable... :( anyway... keep in touch. xoxo Lara