Picnic - Tuna Cream

Hello Everyone!

Last weekend my friends and I went to Victoria Park (Leicester - UK) and enjoyed the lovely weather (19C degrees!) doing a picnic. Loads of fun, food, drinks and chatting... :)

My main recipe for picnic is a simple Tuna Cream - that you can use on bread, toast, biscuits,... Even for a good green salad!
Tuna Cream
2 cans of tuna chunks (without the oil)
3 tb spoon of mayonnaise 
1/2 white onion
1 can of corn (without the water)
How to Prepare:
Mix all together! :)

It's done!
I know, I know... very easy but some people always forget that the easiest things in life are the best (most of the times!)...

Enjoy... and don't forget about the CHALLENGE!


Really Rach said...

Yay, a UK girl. Normally all these lovely blogs are written by Canadians and Americans. I hope you had a lovely day in the park!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! yep, we had an amazing time, although this weekend the weather was so miserable... :( anyway... keep in touch. xoxo Lara