DIY Sunday: Spring Dress

Hi everyone!

My favorite thing about Spring?!
I LOVE how simple these flowers are....

Well, but since it felt a lot like spring these days, I am sharing a cute DIY today: The spring dress!
What you will need are simple things you might already have in your home:
An old shirt, pretty fabric, ribbon, scissors and sewing machine!

I chose an old Tank top with an elastic band below the breast.

First, cut off the part below the elastic band.

Then, take out a measure tape and see how long you would your dress like to be.

My perfect length is 55 cm.

Well, and I cut off the fabric at 60 cm length!

I am not sure how wide your fabric should be, but keep in mind it has to be at least wrapped once around your body! And (!) also keep in mind you want to build ruffles at the top of the fabric.
Now, take your tank top - leftover

and lay the fabric onto it, the "good" side facing the top!

Start folding ruffles and use pins to keep it in line.
Keep folding and pinning until you reach the and of your fabric/tank top!

So now, the most difficult part is over. :)

Since my tank top had an elastic band lining, I made sure I was sewing right below that elastic band line!

I'd suggest you use a Zig Zag stitch!

Once you have sewed all the way around the tank top, this is what it will most likely look like! :D
Now, turn the dress inside out and close the open right or left side!

The bottom of your dress might look a little messy right now, so fold the edges and use pins to hold it together!
Like this! :)
And now, sew along the line to make the bottom pretty.
After you have done that, you might want to add a pretty ribbon to your dress.

I chose a green satin ribbon.
And I only sewed it to the middle of the dress' back.

I didn't sew it to the whole dress because I wanted it to be like a belt! So I added a button to the one end of the ribbon.
And, while wearing the dress, I folded the other end of the ribbon onto the button and used a scalpel to cut a buttonhole.

Worked perfect!
:) My sewing skills are very basic, so nevermind if you are usually working more precise.
I like this dress!
And sorry for the not-too-classy pictures... It is raining today and I feel like the sun won't show very much! So light was pretty bad -.-*

But I hope to see some pretty dresses around here soon, right?!



AJ said...

Adorable, Katja! I love it :D

Nellie Mae said...

Ooh gorgeous! I will have to see if I have any such shirts that I can alter!! Great DIY!!

Inkie said...

Lovely diy! I have very very basic sewing skills, but I think even I can manage this.

Kyla Roma said...

I've been wanting to start sewing some of my own dresses but I've always talked myself out of it- but this is brilliant! I'm in! =)

the girl next dior said...

this is really really cute, I think I just may have to try this one!

Kate said...

This is such a great idea! I've been craving making a cute dress for spring, but this is a much better idea! I think I'll need to go thrifting for a good top to assassinate!

Elizabeth Sanchez said...

that is the CUTEST thing ever! i think ima make one for my daughter!!

Vera said...

so cute and easy, love it!! <3

Unknown said...

awesome job! i featured it here:

Mandy Deitering said...

oooo - will have to try this! :)

kate @ undeniable style said...

i used the same folding/pleating concept in my DIY this week. We're so on the same page! Super cute, Katja!