green fingers

My favorite thing about spring? Fresh flowers in my house!

Spring is the time my green fingers start to tingle. This is about the only time in the year I willingly pull the weeds in the garden. But the best part is the sowing and planting. Not only the garden gets a spring make-over, my house gets one too.
First, my plants get some fresh soil, fresh air and fresh water (whenever possible I leave them out in the rain for a while).

In the meanwhile I clean the windowsill (and put some 'fresh' LP's in the windowsill).

I also like some new life. This year I sowed peppers, tomatoes, and some herbs. I used old toilet paper rolls to put the soil and seeds in. Put in a small layer of water, they are great for germinating the seeds.

Last of all, my fresh herbs got a new bowl and a sunny, but not too sunny spot in the windowsill in the kitchen.


Christine said...

WOW! Your herbs look so healthy! What's your secret?

Nellie Mae said...

Good for you, I am the worst green thumb!! Beautiful!

Vera said...

i can't wait to get really started in my garden :) i already bought some seeds and plants, just to have some more colour outside :) Have fun! XO.